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Dear Home Owner,

Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy contractor who will provide you with a high quality stair installation, create a comfortable space for you and your family and greatly increase the desirability of your home?

If that's the case then you'll definitely want to read ahead.

Here's why:

Deciding to do a stair installation is both big and exciting.

You've probably envisioned how your home will look with brand new, modern wooden stairs and railings...

And not just would this create a brand new fresh, clean and comfortable environment for you and your family...

It would also greatly increase the desirability of your home.

Act quick before our calendar completely fills up for the month of January

Here is just a few of the things that others have said about us...

I am incredibly impressed with Radomir, who worked on my hardwood stairs and railing. His attention to detail and craftsmanship exceeded my expectations and I can't be happier. From the initial consultation to the final installation, he was professional, reliable, and truly skilled in his work. I appreciate his dedication to delivering a high-quality finished product and would recommend his services to anyone looking for a talented and reliable professional for their home improvement projects.

- Renata

Radomir did my townhouse hardwood floors on main floor and all upstairs and also did all my baseboard in whole house! He also re did my stairs which look fantastic!! He's a hard worker and trust worthy! I would definitely recommend him in a heart beat! My floors look great and so happy with everything he did!!

- Bonnie

We had the pleasure of hiring Radomir to refinish our main level hardwood floors in 2018. Rad's quote was thorough and well priced. Rad and his colleague showed up to our home on time, they worked diligently throughout the day and were very respectful of our home. They tidied up at the end of each day and communicated next steps. Our floors are gorgeous and have stood up to a busy household perfectly. Rad was meticulous with his work and came back to repair a mark we made (oops!) when moving our fridge back into place. We are so pleased with the final product!

- Kathy

I highly recommend RB Flooring: Radomir did my hardwood floors in two bedrooms and hallway in my home. His suggestions for pattern, size, and colour were excellent and I appreciated the idea of higher baseboards for a classy finish. The job was completed by estimated date and clean up was immaculate. In my opinion, Radomir is a highly experienced, talented, professional craftsman. If you are searching for great quality and a job well done, contact RB Flooring!

- Ann

We had to replace the hardwood in our dining room so we had Radomir do the job for us. He purchased the wood which he had to match with the existing wood that was in the living room, installed and finished the work in record time. His work was very professional, methodical, thorough and well done. He provided an estimate of time and cost prior to doing the job and he delivered as promised. He took the time to clean up after completion. We recommend him without hesitation and should we have the need we'll definitly ask him again.

- Kamla

RB Hardwood Flooring did a wonderful job in our basement. Approzimately 1400sf area turned into a beautiful space to enjoy with their meticulous touch. We were super happy that they completed the job in a timely manner. Thank you so much Rad!

- Lucy

This past May I decided to have hardwood flooring installed on my main floor, So I called RB Hardwood Flooring, and spoke to Radomir, owner. He was very professional answered my questions, he did a wonderful job installing the hardwood and in only a couple days. I would highly recommend any customer needing Radomir he comes with years of experience and I'm delighted with his work.

- Paula

Act quick before our calendar completely fills up for the month of January

Here's a small sample of the stair renovations we've done...

before and after showcase
before and after showcase
before and after showcase
before and after showcase
before and after showcase
before and after showcase

We know how to line up your stairs perfectly even with complicated designs, and how to make everything look seamless throughout your home (something that many contractors get wrong).

This way you get the stair installation done exactly how you've envisioned.

You'll also have everything built with materials that are durable and last for many, many years.

You'll have stairs that are easy to clean and maintain...

You'll have a cozy and inviting environment created by the comfort and warmth that new wooden stairs bring to your home...

You'll increase your home's desirability...

You'll have a healthier environment around you because of the improved air quality that wooden stairs bring as opposed to carpet stairs, or old and poor quality wooden stairs...

You'll have stairs installed with quality materials and expert craftsmanship...

You'll have expert guidance to ensure that you get exactly what you want...

And you'll have the peace of mind knowing that your stair renovation is in good hands!

Act quick before our calendar completely fills up for the month of January

Where to start though?

stair showcase

Even though stair installations are exciting, they can also be stressful.

What kind of wood should I use? Oak? Maple? Something else?

Where do I buy it from?

How do I get the measurements of everything right?

What if I want curved stairs?

What kind of treads and risers do I use?

What kind of nosing should I use?

What if I want my railing in a particular way?

What spindles should I use for my railing?

What if I want something like floating stairs or glass railings?

How should I have the baseboards done for my stairs?

How do I protect my stairs?

How do I keep dust from going everywhere in my home?

Where do I find a stair contractor that will do a high quality stair installation?

There's many things that come up with a big stair installation like this...

Act quick before our calendar completely fills up for the month of January

Our Installation Process

work showcase

That's why we've put together a system to make this whole process as easy and stress-free for you as possible.

That way you can focus on what you want while we take care of the rest!

We'll help you in deciding the type of wood to use...

We'll handle all the hassle of getting the materials needed for the installation...

We'll help you with deciding what color would look best in your home...

We'll help you figure out whether you need new stairs or if we can make your existing stairs look the way that you want with refinishing...

We'll help you figure out what kind of railing and spindles would be best for your particular situation...

We'll make sure the posts and railings are secure and stable...

We'll contain the dust and keep it from getting everywhere...

We'll apply proper top finishes to your stairs to keep them protected for many years...

And we'll do all of this in a timely manner so that you can enjoy your new stairs as soon as possible!

We've installed stairs in countless homes and have perfected this art over the decades, that way you can be sure that you will get the highest quality stair installation possible in a timely manner.

Act quick before our calendar completely fills up for the month of January

Why Should You Trust Us With Your Stair Installation?

So how are we any different than the other “professional” contractors out there doing this kind of work?

Well, firstly, we're not some business that opened up yesterday and decided to start doing stair installations...

We've been in the game for more than 20 years now and have been doing stair installations for many clients over that time...

And secondly, because we've been doing this for so long, we have perfected this art over that time.

There are many details to this that other contractors likely won't get right, and those are the things that you'll notice and will bother you every time you see them...

Could be things like measurements being slightly off...

Maybe the posts and railings aren't stable and secure giving you flimsy railings (this one is common)...

The alignment in angled or curved areas seems off...

The baseboards not looking quite right...

The quality not being what you expected...

These are all things we've dealt with and perfected over the years.

Which is why we've had hundreds of happy clients that have worked with us.

Let's get down to business and see how we can make your renovations a reality...

Act quick before our calendar completely fills up for the month of January

How can we guarantee you'll get the kind of stair installation you want?

It's very simple.

We've worked with hundreds of clients and have refined our process over that time.

1. We give you a free stair design consultation with our expert guidance to help you get the quality that you're after when it comes to your stair installation.

2. We then evaluate the area where you want the stair installation done and give you a free quote for the work that would be involved.

3. Then we prepare all of the materials needed for the service so that you don't need to stress about making stair measurements and where to source materials from.

4. Then through expert craftsmanship we provide you with the highest quality stair installation possible. This will leave you with a more comfortable and desirable space in your home that you're guaranteed to be happy with.

Make sure to request your free no-obligation stair design consultation and quote quickly as our calendar is nearly booked for January and February.

Spots fill up quick so act now!

We guarantee that through our services, you will receive expert craftsmanship and a stair installation that you will most definitely be happy with.

Does this opportunity interest you? If so, click below to request your free no-obligation stair design consultation and quote with us, and we will reach out to you in order to schedule a good time to drop by.

Act quick before our calendar completely fills up for the month of January

P.S. Still need more convincing do ya?

Ok listen up, you could go looking around trying to find the cheapest possible stair contractor...

But just be warned, the wrong contractor could cost you thousands of dollars.

Not all stair installations are created equal.

Get a poor quality stair installation? Then risk needing another stair installation or refinishing service in the future to fix your stairs, costing you lots of money and giving you a big headache to deal with.

Maybe get stairs that aren't installed up to a certain standard and weren't properly protected? Again more headaches, more lost money, more lost home desirability and value, and more stress with needing to deal with the mess.

What we give you is a free no-obligation stair design consultation giving you expert guidance so that you know exactly what is the best route to go down for your unique situation. Then on top of that, you also get a free no-obligation quote.

Then after that, if you want then you can have us give you the highest possible quality stair installation that is guaranteed to be completed to the highest standard. This means a high quality installation that is guaranteed to last, not lose you money in future repairs (because we know how to properly protect your stairs), and that greatly increases the comfort and desirability of your home.

Go ahead and click below to request your free no-obligation stair design consultation and quote. Act fast before spots completely fill up for January and February.

Act quick before our calendar completely fills up for the month of January

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